Everyone loves the addition of HYPO-MATING to our website. We are able to test our own mares with our stallions and also show clients prospective matings with easily identifiable line breeding and even photos. I love it!

Staci Hancock
Stone Farm

"HYPO-MATING has added greatly to our website and most importantly, it has brought us new clients. We are also using the form in our Bloodstock pages so a potential buyer can test the mare with our stallions and buy a package. That is working out very well. In the month of May we had 676 hypothetical mating queries."

Mike McMahon

I cannot recall a day since I discovered HYPO-MATING that I have not used it, not just once, but over and over. It is so well-designed and user-friendly that I can tailor my searches to suit my needs. I am as likely to find the unplaced-in-two-starts 3YO out of a young mare as I am to find better winners. The base seems to renew and update itself.

The photo option is absolutely priceless. I can say that I have learned more about phenotype from your base than I have from years of scanning books. It is so coordinated: There's the pedigree, click for pix and suddenly you begin to see uncanny resemblences, or, sometimes, the lack there of! Take a look at *TUDOR MINSTREL next to our stallion THE DEPUTY. 5 generations later you can detect the same neck, head, shoulder, quarter and hind leg. Or compare *NASRULLAH w/ his 3/4 brother *ROYAL CHARGER . . . quite fascinating the resemblence but with a slight twist.

Thanks for all you have done to make this excellent tool available to so many. I only wish I could think of something sufficiently wonderful to do for you to return the favor!

Lucy Clare
Margaux Farm

"HYPO-MATING: It's a great concept - our clients like to see what the five-six-or seven cross will look like between their mares and our stallions. We use it here as well when making recommendations to mare owners."

Amy Poche
Airdrie Stud

" We have received really good feedback for this feature (HYPO-MATINGS) and we are glad we chose these when we set up the web site."

Cyndi Hanes
Hill 'N' Dale



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